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The DIY Servo project's goal is to let you create your own servo using any motor of your choosing.

About DIY Servo


DIY Servo uses an Arduino Nano as a controller, and a Pololu MD01B as a motor driver. The prototype uses a Banebots P60 gearbox (planetary gearing) mated to an RS555 motor. The goal is to be able to substitute any 12V motor of your choosing. For example, a 12V windshield wiper motor (worm gear) would work, or smaller hobby robotics motors.


  • Control: USB serial
  • Weight: 630 grams
  • Plastics and Electronics Weight: 135 grams
  • 3d Print Time on a PrintrBot Plus V2: about 6 hours
  • Torque: 3847.37 oz-in

Video of DIY Servo in Action

Here is the pre-alpha prototype, with a gear driven MRE encoder. This design eliminates the need for a bearing block on the end of the output shaft (though it's still recommended if side loading the shaft):

Open Source Code

Check out the Arduino and OpenSCAD source code:

Current State of Plastics

We're using 3d Printed plastics to design and manufacture the case for DIY Servo. Most of these plastics will be available in the Store for eager experimenters.

Bill of Materials

Eventually we'll offer kits for sale, but for now the easiest way to get your hands on a DIY Servo is to buy the parts yourself. Here's the Bill of Materials: Click Here for Bill of Materials (BOM)

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